At Davis and Co Property Lawyers, we recognise that buying or selling your home is quite possibly the largest financial transaction you will ever make. Property is a complex and often risky business, yet we have seen that clients often exercise more care in the purchasing of a pair of shoes or a handbag, than they do when buying a property!

At Davis and Co Property Lawyers, our staff have a thorough knowledge of the conveyancing process and therefore we strive to ensure that you purchase a property in a “water tight” condition. We recognise that legal mistakes can be costly and that is why we aim to ensure that everything is in order, that you are making wise decisions and a prudent purchase.

Our staff have built their personal reputations on their levels of service and we know that clients use us on a regular basis because of this. Our Conveyancers are friendly and flexible and will explain everything to you in plain English terms.

Three things you should know about Davis & Co Property Lawyers:

  1. We do not have unqualified staff dealing with your transaction. Our conveyancers are fully qualified Licensed Conveyancers Legal Executives or Solicitors.
  2. The person who is dealing with your file will be fully contactable directly by email, telephone and in person. We will answer your phone calls and emails promptly and you will not have to go through a raft of admin staff to get to the person dealing with your file.
  3. We are available at the office between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday, however, we are also available remotely until 7.00pm on weekdays and between 10.00am and 1.00pm on Saturdays. If you need to speak to us outside of these times that can also be arranged as we are completely flexible and tailor our services to fit with the client’s requirements.

What can we do for you?

Conveyancing LawWe recognise that conveyancing is a process and that all individuals involved in that process have different needs. We do not believe that conveyancing can or should be treated on the basis that “one size fits all”. We strive to provide a bespoke service to all our clients, be them among the wealthiest individuals in the UK or first-time buyers. We believe that what clients require is good communication and that is why we have invested heavily in technology so that we can provide every client with the type of service they require.

Our Conveyancers are at the top of their game, they have conducted a lot of property transactions, and know where to look for the pitfalls. We will provide comprehensive advice about the property you are purchasing so that you can make an informed decision. If you are selling a property we know that sometimes there can be delays in the process. We have a robust system in place to ensure that we are regularly chasing matters on your behalf. We strive to ensure that any delays are identified and dealt with promptly. We will keep you updated at every step of the process.

What’s included in the conveyancing process

Our Lawyers will:

  • Make sure that the property title is sound and verify the ownership.
  • Check if the property is freehold or leasehold and advise accordingly.
  • Draw up a contract of sale and send it to the buyer’s solicitor.
  • Check for restrictive covenants or rights of way that could affect your plans for the property.
  • Check that buildings and alterations have the correct planning permission, licences and warranties.
  • Check that there are no debts owing against a property, and if there are that they are released before the property is transferred to you.
  • Carry out local authority searches to make sure if there are zoning restrictions or any debts due.
  • Check if there is a lease, and if so, check the lease conditions.
  • Arrange for additional property searches, depending on the circumstances. These might including checking previous land use, whether the land is prone to flooding, if there are planned railway or motorway developments, whether medieval laws still require you to contribute to the local church and so on.
  • Check mortgage documents.
  • Ensure the deposit has been paid.
  • Exchange contracts for you which makes the deal legally binding.
  • Lodge an interest in the property so that the property cannot be sold to another.
  • Calculate the final figure to pay.
  • Arrange for the title to be transferred to the new owner’s name.
  • Pay Stamp Duty Tax on your behalf.
  • Lodge the title deeds with the Land Registry.
  • Send a copy of the deeds to your mortgage lender.

Why choose us?

We offer a proactive and professional service to all our clients. We are certainly not the cheapest, however, we believe we are among the best.

Our lawyers are experienced property experts with many years of experience under their belt. Davis and Co Property Lawyers is a trusted provider of conveyancing services and clients come back to us on a regular basis. We also receive referrals from the friends and family of existing clients who have been very pleased with the service they have received from us.

We are busy but because we do not pay referral fees to any third party, we are not artificially busy. This means we can devote the time we need to each client. We decided a long time ago to never take on more work than we can handle. If we are too busy to give your transaction the attention it requires we will let you know at the estimate stage. We would rather turn work away than be too busy to deal with it!

Why not put Davis and Co Property Lawyers to the test? Contact us for more information.

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